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Thursday, February 4, 2010

My buddy Steve's new 911 Carrera S

So my buddy Steve upgraded his Boxster S to a new 911 Carrera S cabriolet a couple months back, and he was so excited that he brought it over for a mini photo session...in my garage. Sorry the lighting wasn't the greatest, but his white Carrera stood out fairly well against the gray industrial background. Nice looking car, the small subtle styling changes nicely enhanced the overall look and presence of the 997, and is a significant improvement over the 996.

I like the traditional look of the 911 and this car is more reminiscent of those lines. Circular headlights, flatter horizontal taillights, etc., give it a clean look. The LEDs are a nice touch both front and back, and Steve switched out the side indicators with smoked/clear ones that go well with the white color of the car. The best feature on this 997, however, has to be the wider stance from the rear.

I only got to drive this thing from the street to the garage, thanks a lot Steve!

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